12+ years of international experience in web 2 and web 3 fields.

Strategize wisely, invest boldly.

Wise Bet: Strategic consultancy & advisory
Consultancy services with proven experience in the gambling vertical.

• Currently focused on US gambling markets: 
• Strategic & Technical consultancy across all contexts (regulated and offshore);
• Business & sales development with affiliates & agencies;
• 12+ years of international experience in high risk verticals.

Wise Media: Freelancing
Freelancing for various set of clients

• Pro media buyer on ASO, PPC, Paid socials & InApp DSPs;
• Paid media management & Media planning;
• Tactical consulting & Compliance for high risk verticals;

Wise Ops: Contracting
Contracting for various set of clients

• Advertising operations
• Marketing integrations 
• Marketing automations

Wise Cloud: Building nodes for DePINs marketplaces
Investing in computer units servicing DePINs' marketplaces as worker/provider.

Currently exploring with the IO.net network

Need an audit of your situations?
Interested in doing some wise business ? 

wise-business@outlook.com & +352 621 652 550

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